Fudgy and moist chocolate cupcakes topped with a satiny, luxurious cream cheese peanut butter frosting.

I'm notice you, folks, these cupcakes are unrealistic. As indicated by Erez, these are the "best cupcakes [I've] ever constructed." Then, only 2 minutes after the fact while he was snatching a second one (dislike him!), he let me know they were the "best cupcakes [he'd] ever tasted". As much as Erez is the sort to give compliments, on the off chance that he doesn't care for something, he'll speak the truth about it (notwithstanding when he shouldn't… ), so you can take his assertion on this.

In practically every cupcake formula I've posted in this way, I've specified my blended enthusiastic history with cupcakes. I used dislike them much, supposing they were just lovely treats without much flavor or substance. One time, when a client asked for some for an occasion, I moaned. Every one of my endeavors of persuading him to back off from the thought fizzled, and he cleared out me with no other decision than going into the kitchen and heating cupcakes like there's no tomorrow. It turned into my top mission. 

My initial few endeavors finished in disappointment. Pounds and pounds of margarine and sugar were eventually tossed out. The kitties were upbeat, yet I wasn't. In spite of the fact that I in the long run served cupcakes that I was glad for, they were still a long way from flawless (and I trust my clients don't read my blog).

Two or after three months, I ended up in New York City. For a few, the city of dreams; for me, the city of cupcakes. Seeing such a tremendous assortment of tastes, surfaces, and hues opened the way to a radical new world – one that I had seen from a far distance, however at long last caught on. 

Give me a chance to make this long story short. I returned home, propelled to take a stab at preparing cupcakes again subsequent to asking for (i.e., requesting) a few tips from a couple of the bread shops I went by, and heated until I was at last ready to get the outcome I was searching for – not very sweet of an icing, not very dry of a cake, and delightful as anyone might imagine. Mission (at long last) refined. 

The main cupcake I attempted that I truly cherished was this one, a blend of chocolate and nutty spread. I cherish adding cream cheddar to frostings since it gives a slight tang that consummately contrasts the sweetness of the sugar. In this particular icing, there isn't much sugar in any case since the nutty spread makes it sufficiently thick. Be that as it may, every so often you will discover me sneaking in some additional nutty spread.

This is my favorite chocolate cupcake batter, and I like to play with the recipe sometimes by replacing the milk with buttermilk or additional hot water, or using oil instead of butter for extra fluffiness and moisture. For a more cake-like cupcake, though, I like to use the creaming (butter) method.

Other delicious options (plus some tips):
  • Fill cupcakes with chocolate ganache (to make a ganache, melt 6 oz. chocolate and ½ cup heavy cream in the microwave).
  • Drizzle cupcakes with caramel sauce.
  • Top cupcakes with pieces of peanut butter cups.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of instant coffee granules in the hot water to enhance the chocolate flavor.
  • Place one mini peanut butter cup in the middle of each cupcake: Fill cupcake cups halfway with batter, place peanut butter cup in the center, and pour the rest of the batter on top.
  • Use an ice cream scoop to fill the cups more easily.
  • Fill any empty cups in the tin halfway with water for even baking.
Hakan Yerlikaya
Hakan Yerlikaya

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