Could there be a superior spring pastry?? As I would see it this one is difficult to beat! It's three of my most loved things in one brilliant, delicious, rich, radiant sweet! I completely adore cheesecake, I cherish lemon enhanced everything and I could have mousse for breakfast lunch and supper. In this way, what I'm getting at is this pastry was made for me, truly :). I initially had attempted another lemon mousse formula not long ago (this one here) that I thought I'd love. The flavor was very new and lemony buuuut the surface was not at all like what I consider mousse to be. It was to a greater degree a saggy whipped cream surface with only somewhat more thickness to it. So obviously I set of to think of my own so I could end happy with a flawless lemon mousse, one deserving of sharing here (yes I am meticulous about what I'll share, there are numerous things that don't make the cut. On the off chance that I didn't feel it was justified regardless of my time and fixings then why would it be advisable for it to be justified regardless of yours?). 

This Lemon Cheesecake Mousse is all that I'd trusted it would be a then some – despite the fact that it does utilize a locally acquired lemon curd (which have you added it to a s'more yet? It's fantastic times one thousand! Just graham wafer, fire cooked marshmallow and a liberal slathering of lemon curd as done here). These individual mousse mugs would be ideal for Easter and Mother's Day or for any party. Furthermore, obviously they are likewise ideal for a weekend treat! I made these only a couple days prior and I'm as of now envisioning about when I'll have the capacity to make them once more (I'm happy Easter is coming up soon!). I requested that my mother attempt one nibble, she demanded only one chomp since she was attempting to eat less sweet, obviously after one chomp she kept on cleaning the entire thing off. I'd reach in the refrigerator too aiming on only one chomp however it never closes there. Nobody will have the capacity to oppose these! Attempt them and you'll understand.

Hakan Yerlikaya
Hakan Yerlikaya

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