As a young lady, all I needed to do was turned into a mother. I would wander off in fantasy land about what it would have been similar to.

I would have it allllllllll together.

I could never, ever, wear yoga jeans to drop my children off at school. My home would dependably be perfect and composed. I would make a hand crafted supper each and every night. (One of my most loved untruths I let myself know – my children could NEVER eat a sausage, HA!) My marriage would be precisely the same as it was before we had children. I would have a satisfying vocation. I would make imaginative and carefully assembled Halloween ensembles consistently.

Or more all, I could never shout at my kids or lose my understanding. All while wearing thin pants, stilettos, and a full face of cosmetics.

It is safe to say that you are giggling yet? I am!

I figure you can envision how that turned out.

Numerous years after the fact, my fantasy of turning into a mother came genuine. I brought forth three of the most astounding little individuals. They are my beginning and end. Be that as it may, the ideal mother? Not. Indeed. Close.

I make a decent attempt, yet let's be realistic, I'm a work in advance.

In the event that I am not in yoga jeans, there's a decent shot I have flour all over. My home is really adorable, and at first glance seems clean (simply don't look excessively close.) I do make supper most evenings, yet there is a decent possibility that my children wouldn't eat it. (They are super critical.) I've been hitched for long time, keeping in mind we have without a doubt had our high points and low points, we are cheerfully hitched. Be that as it may, not without a considerable measure of diligent work. I have a satisfying and inventive employment that I adore, however like all occupations there are things that I don't care for about it. I don't care for Halloween, so custom made ensembles aren't even on my radar. Why was that even some portion of my meaning of being a decent mother?

Nowadays I'm juggling raising my three children, being a spouse, filling in as picture taker and blogger from home, and attempting to not humiliate myself in broad daylight.

I began Baked Bree in February of 2010 to archive my life in my kitchen. I said that it was an affection letter to anybody that has ever gone to my home for a supper. That part is still valid. Throughout the years it has developed into far beyond that. Presently you will discover loads of formulas, yet you will likewise discover motivation and consolation for different parts of your life as well.

My life is about more than cupcakes and treats, so this space will mirror that. Parenthood, marriage, military life, travel, photography, children, house, and home. We will discuss it all.

My slogan is live light, be upbeat. Living light implies that life doesn't need to be so genuine constantly. We can dispose of the things that burden us and change the things that aren't working. That can mean sustenance, connections, things – we have a great deal of control over our joy. I carry on with my existence with the attention on being cheerful. Clearly I'm not 100% glad constantly, I'm not a robot, but rather I trust that being upbeat is a decision. I make being glad a need.

The way that you come here fulfills me unimaginably. I realize that your time is to a great degree significant and I can't thank you enough to stop by.

In the event that you are new to Baked Bree, welcome! A decent place to begin is the formula file. (Simply don't do it in the event that you don't have a nibble close-by, you're going to get eager.) You will locate a tad bit of everything – things to cook for supper, sweets, tidbits, snacks, and clearly treats.

I additionally get a kick out of the chance to travel and share my most loved things to see, eat, and do.

Each Friday I send my Happy Mail pamphlet, is my most loved thing to compose every week. I share motivation and a portion of the coolest things that I find around the Internet for that week.

Some Random Facts About Me:

Bree is really my center name. My first name is Nez. The main time anybody calls me Nez is whether I am stuck in an unfortunate situation with my mother or you are a telemarketer.

At this moment we live in Cape Cod, MA. In any case, we have likewise lived in Elizabeth City, NC, Nova Scotia, Canada, Sacramento, CA, Fort Leavenworth, KS, and Alexandria, VA. My better half and I met in Charleston, SC and I experienced childhood in Linwood, New Jersey.

My most loved smell on the planet is my youngsters following a day at the shoreline. They possess an aroma similar to sunscreen, salt, and daylight. In the event that that odor could be packaged, I'd wear it consistently.

My most loved show ever is Friday Night Lights. Taken after nearly by The West Wing. I'm not completed Parenthood yet, but rather that may be on this rundown soon. It makes me feel all. the. feels.

I've never had a glass of drain in all my years. Not a one. Not even as an infant. (I cherish dairy, however drain is simply not my thing. My children drink enough that I ought to keep a bovine in the patio.)

Without question, Thanksgiving is my most loved occasion. (I even composed a digital book about it.)

I'm a HUGE peruser. I'll read anything. Works of art, secrets, paranormal sentiment, kids books. And so on.

I'm a major clod. In the event that it is sharp, I'll cut myself. In the event that it's hot, I'll smolder myself. I stumble over everything, I have zero coordination. I'm a wreck.

I headed off to college of Charleston and view myself as to be a beauty of course.

I'm a hereditary irregularity. Despite everything I have a child tooth, am left-given, have a dowager's pinnacle, 0 negative blood, and green eyes.

My most loved flavor is lemon. Such a great amount in actuality that it is a piece of my logo. Taken after nearly via caramel and vanilla.

I set off for college to wind up distinctly an instructor, yet my intimate romance is photography. I began a long time back shooting film. I was had a picture studio for a long time before I began Baked Bree. I still every so often take pictures of individuals, not simply cupcakes.

I gather marked cookbooks, my most prized is a marked Julia Child that my significant other got me for Christmas a couple of years back. I likewise purchase a nearby cookbook one on each outing I take. I compose a note inside with the date and what I was doing. Will offer them to my girl when she has her own particular home.

I'm an INFP. I view myself as to be an outgoing thoughtful person.

I cherish a granny sweater. Regardless of how much my significant other doesn't.

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Hakan Yerlikaya

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