A weekend ago Isaac and I made a fast trek to New York City for the uncovering of LG SIGNATURE, LG's new suite of creative items with front line innovation. 

The new line propelled October 5 and the brand had a display set up in Rockefeller Center from October 6-10 for individuals to come look at the new machines. There were a couple of occasions consistently, however the one I went to was on Saturday morning with a vast concentrate on the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator and the brand's organization with Dominque Crenn. 

There were smaller than usual brioches being passed around for a breakfast treat, alongside Dominque's formula to make the brioches at home. 

Isaac spent a large portion of the occasion swooning over the 77″ picture-on-glass LG SIGNATURE OLED TV, while I invested the larger part of my energy looking at the clothing machines (hi, LG SIGNATURE Combo TWINWash™ — a clothes washer that can wash two loads immediately) and the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator. 

Be that as it may, let's be realistic, the ice chest essentially stole the show for me! As somebody who invests a huge amount of energy in the kitchen I get super pumped about kitchen machines. 

Gracious hello, dazzling! 

Try not to stress, that is simply me embracing the cooler while looking at all the cool highlights like the Hands-Free Access alternative, which enables you to open the entryway when your hands are full with goods essentially by venturing on a sensor at the base of the fridge. (I shared a little video of this element on Facebook in the event that you need to look at it.) The InstaView™ highlight is truly magnificent as well — you're ready to hand the obscure Door-over Door compartment straightforward, just by giving the ice chest two brisk thumps, so you can perceive what's in the ice chest without opening the entryway. 

In case you're intrigued, you can see every one of the highlights and look at the full lineup of LG SIGNATURE items here. 

We're quite the market for another ice chest in light of the fact that our present fridge always solidifies things (like my spring blend), in addition to the ice producer is broken so it was cool to see a portion of the most recent and most prominent highlights accessible right at this point. The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator is currently at the highest point of my fantasy kitchen list of things to get. 

The excursion to NYC was short, however we took advantage of it and pressed in some fun stuff. The LG SIGNATURE occasion was at an early stage Saturday morning so we touched base in the city on Friday night and remained in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Friday night we hung out with two of Isaac's closest companions, Tav and Adam. We ate at Rosarito and beverages at Hotel Delmano. I exceptionally prescribe the two spots. The tacos at Rosarito are flavorful and Delmano is truly quite, in addition to the mixed drinks are delectable. The following morning we went to the LG occasion and after that spent the day hanging out in the city. 

Here a couple of features of the outing: 

A brisk visit to Other Half Brewing to return barrels and attempt a portion of the new discharges. <– This is the thing that happens when your significant other works in the lager business. 

Espresso at one of our most loved bistros, Blue Bottle Coffee. We went on both Saturday and Sunday morning. 

Lunch at The Butcher's Daughter. I've been needing to attempt this place for a very long time so when Alyssasuggested we go for lunch I was promptly diversion. 

The crushed avocado toast was soo great. I need to backpedal and attempt every one of the things! 

It was a fun little trek to New York and the climate was such a great amount of superior to anything when we went by in February for my birthday and nearly solidified to death. New York is wonderful when it's snowing, however fall is a vastly improved time to visit in the event that you need to invest a considerable measure of energy outside investigating. 

On account of LG for welcoming me to the LG SIGNATURE Gallery. This post is supported by LG, however as dependably considerations and sentiments are my own. Much obliged to you for supporting the brands that make EBF conceivable.
Hakan Yerlikaya
Hakan Yerlikaya

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