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Thanksgiving regularly denotes the start of the hurricane that is the Christmas season. There are gatherings to be had, blessings to be purchased, sustenance to be cooked, and beautifications to be hung.

 This season adds complexities to our lives and influences us to keep running at a significantly speedier pace, check off to-do things left and right, yet it likewise brings so much GOOD.

This end of the week I absorbed the outside, companions, and family. I took the mutts for long strolls among the trees, and played cards with three ages of family. I didn't work, clean, or cross anything of my rundown, however in some cases the best activity is the wrong activity. I pursued that moderate living and absorbed each moment of it.

May we as a whole have the bravery to not do it all, but rather to unwind and absorb every single valuable and transitory minute while we have it. Possibly that implies concocting a moderate stewing soup in your kitchen with your grandmother, little girl, or mother; or it may be an early some espresso in a peaceful place with another reverential; or maybe it is a fast stroll around your neighborhood pausing for a minute to think, tune in, and breath.

Whatever it is, whatever you require, I ask you have the opportunity to seek after that moderate living, to pursue the genuine and real, amidst this relentless thing we call life.
Hakan Yerlikaya
Hakan Yerlikaya

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